Videos we've found featuring Ruff Alley Holophonic banjos

Jon Pederson/John PetersonCA OldTimeBanjo Champ 07/08
"Tune names Salt Creek, June Apple, Cluck Old Hen and Little Beggarman. Jon(John) is a consummate performer and author (SCROLL AND CURL) Band ROAD OILERS Amazing Grace Music, San Anselmo, CA"

Mike Seeger - "Sugar Baby"
"Mike Seeger plays a Doc Boggs song, "Sugar Baby". Performing at the Adams Avenue Roots Festival, April 22, 2007 - organized by Lou Curtiss. Concert was in the Normal Heights Methodist Church sanctuary. An intimate performance before an audience who knew him well."

Lost Gander
"Mike Seeger performs Lost Gander at the California Banjo Gathering 2008 October."

"A history of rural southeastern traditional American music, as told and played by Mike Seeger and Alice Gerrard. Mike and Alice recount their own involvment with this music, and briefly trace its history as we meet their mentors: the late Tommy Jarrell, Lily May Ledford, Roscoe Holcomb, Elizabeth Cotten and many other musicians."

Fall On My Knees
"Performed by Paul Brown and Bruce Molsky, Terri McMurray singing. Recorded at Ashokan Southern Week 2010."